SES Type

Download SES Type


Click or shift-click to download SES Type for Windows from Edinburgh University, UK (1.2MB)
In English: click here to download
En Español:Haz click aquí para descargar

El versíon Español tiene cursos para teclados Españoles (con el Ñ y accentos) Todas las ventanas son en Español, pero con ayuda en Inglés

Don't forget to let me know what you think and how you are getting on!

If you want to save yourself a large download and want SES Type on CD with a few enhancements as well as the full Source code, Mail me for information. The compact disc version comes with a free version of SES Type Extra

The download file is also available on issue 19 of PC Utilities magazine

Once the program has downloaded, Simply double-click on sestype.exe. It is a self extracting PowerArchiver zipfile, which will automatically start the install process. Remember to read the built-in help before using the program